My Milf Wife Shows Off Her Big Beefy Meat Curtains.... - those are one set of sloppy Joe beef strips. Slap some tomato sauce in there and put it on a fresh hoagie bun and I'm a happy camper! (Add to Favourites)

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I love big lips like that

"Beefy meat curtains" ! What a horrible expression ! I prefer to say : "this girl has a nice BUTTERFLY PUSSY".

It is true that some pigs use that expression, BUTTERFLY PUSSY is much nicer...

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My slutty wife getting naked in our motel room. I got her so drunk that night, and put it in her ass for the first time. Let's just say she wasn't a happy camper when she woke up with a sore rectum the next day
Shannon has big beef curtains. Check out her busted pussy. Exchanges welcome
My wife's friend had us over early to help her set up for her party. Great upskirt shots of her. Would love to put her meat on my shish Kabob and grill her
My Horny Wife Csalo... - here we have a submission for the Netherlands. Looks like Csalo tends to her meat quite often by the looks of meat curtains
This limber milf shows of her dexterity and her nice posterior! I'd love to slap that ass and tug on those golden couger locks!
Here's some more of Sharon. She just loves having her pussy filled with dildo's, fingers, tongues and cocks. As long as she gets hers she's a happy camper
Rosalind in lingerie for some "pro" shots. Those meat curtains just caress any cave explorer.
This submission is from Central America and was in Spanish. I think it read something like "check out those fucking meat curtains"!
This horny old bird is named Bev and she's from somewhere called Shalotte NC. Here she spreads her hairy meat curtains.
Alone at home...My Hot German Girlfriend showing her pink salty meat curtains. loves anal too