My Ex...she was a good fuck while it lasted. I thought she just a nympho...but then realized she was a WHORE. And to top it all off...she gave me the clap! (Add to Favourites)

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If she's such a whore why blur her face?

Because he's lying and he stole these pics

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A little husband and wife stuff from Tom and his ex Allie. Things were great until she suddenly gave him the clap.
Ex girlfriend Danielle showing herself off to me...thought she was hotter than she really was. Maybe a 5 out of top..thats a good day
My Ex French Nympho Slut: Here's some pictures of a french crazy nympho girl I used to fuck. Every time i went to slide my cock in her she was already soaking wet
Here's some naughty shots of my ex girlfriend Marissa. She gave me the "it's not you it's me line".... fuck you whore... I know everything...!
Here's Pamela doing what she does best...being a cock sucking roaming whore. Thought I had something good until I found out she was only using me for cash
It was good while it lasted. She was a great fuck. But it didn't last too long. I knew she was fucking other dudes the whole time. I could only pretend I didn't care too long. Payback Bitch...!
Meg enjoys sucking, swallowing and good fuck. Just like any good mature whore does.
More Of Naughty Nikki - random mixed photos of my cheating wife/whore that would fuck a goat if she got a chance... wow and after all these submission I thought she was a gem...!
JenSleazy: Just another slut. Fun while it lasted. Stay away form this disease infested whore
British slut Michelle, good while it lasted but she was putting it about while I was away.