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No More Mr Nice Guy

Added 2011-07-01 Good Rating 58.7%

This Slut Cheated On Me With Several Guys, She Craves For Big Dicks And She Is A Multiorgasm Nympho Who Is Never Satisfied, Doggy Style Her Favorite Position

MILF Neighbor Susan

Added 2011-07-01 Good Rating 53.2%

MILF Neighbor Susan - She's Got A Really Sweet N Tight Hairy Pussy That She Loves Sharing


Added 2011-07-01 Good Rating 51.7%

My Fat & Dirty Ex-wife - Thirteen Years Of Abuse And Then She Throws Me Away Like A Used Kleenex

Canadian Hottie

Added 2011-07-01 Good Rating 51.9%

More Of My Canadian Hottie - My Horny Wife Again. Would You Rail Her? ... - Does A Bear Shit In The Woods?? Of Course We Would Rail Her!!!


Added 2011-07-01 Good Rating 50.2%

Slut Amanda - Pussy Hairy , Big Tits , Fat Ladie , Big Ass...not Much More To Say About Her To Be Honest

Sweet European Wife

Added 2011-06-30 Good Rating 61.5%

Sweet European Wife - My Old Lady In Many Positions And Activities :-)...not Bad For A Mom Eh!!!


Added 2011-06-30 Good Rating 55.7%

Horny Bitch Odessa - My Colombian Ex, A Real Slut...always Craving For Sex And Think She Cheat The Whole Time On Me


Added 2011-06-30 Good Rating 55.6%

Courtney The Slut - Met Her Through A Buddy At Work. Banged Her For A Bit Then Found Out A Few Months Later She Was Married And Had Kids Lol

Ex Girlfriend Jenn Pt 2

Added 2011-06-30 Good Rating 54.6%

Ex Girlfriend Jenn Pt 2 - She Was Such A Naughty Hottie That Gave The Best Massage In Austin, TX

More Of Beth

Added 2011-06-30 Good Rating 51.9%

Some More Of My Wife Beth Posing In Some Of Her Sexy Summer Swimsuits For Me. Damn She Has A Sweet Sweet Ass

Slutty Girl In Mass

Added 2011-06-28 Good Rating 51.7%

Slutty Girl In Mass - This Chick Was A Total Pig In Every Aspect. She Was Sloppy Dirty Smelly Cum Dumpster... - Ya But You Still Fucked Her No...?

My Slutty Submissive Wifey

Added 2011-06-28 Good Rating 51%

My Slutty Submissive Wifey - Here's A Few More Of My Wife Bent Over And Begging For A Pounding. Hope U Enjoy As I Sure Did

Tight Wet Red Head

Added 2011-06-28 Good Rating 50.6%

This Sexy Little Thing With The Tightest Wet Pussy For A Woman Her Age. I Had No Way Of Knowing She Pushed 4 Kids Out Of That Thing Either

London Milf Slut 3

Added 2011-06-28 Good Rating 51%

Few More Pictures Of My Dirty Slut Doing What She Loves Best Taking Dildo's & Flashing Her Tits & Fanny

More Of Her Amazing Sex Acts

Added 2011-06-28 Bad Rating 49.8%

More Of Her Amazing Sex Acts - She Was So Tight And Always Ready To Play. She Loved Getting Down To It After Some Drinks Too

Nude Slut.

Added 2011-06-28 Bad Rating 49%

Nude Slut That I Used To Pound Away At From Time To Time. She Was Such A Drag Tho. Couldn't Get Her Head Around The Concept Of No Strings Attached Sex


Added 2011-06-27 Good Rating 53.6%


Carola Cheap Whore -  Dressed Undressed

Added 2011-06-27 Good Rating 52%

This Is Carola, Whore From Argentina, Dressed And Undressed For Me And My Camera For Online Pics

Ha, Lol My First Ex Wife

Added 2011-06-27 Good Rating 50.9%

Ha, Lol My First Ex Wife Posing And Doing The Only Thing She Was Good At...being A Cock Pin Cushion. Not The Best, But Better Than Smashing Yourself

My Good Friend's Sweet Pussy

Added 2011-06-27 Bad Rating 49.5%

My Good Friend's Sweet Pussy Spread Open And Willing And Ready For My Thick Hard Cock To Stab It From Behind

Katt Sucking Cock

Added 2011-06-27 Bad Rating 49.2%

Katt Sucking Cock - She Only Likes Huge Dicks And Sucks Like A Hoover On High Power. Always Got Me To Blow In Her Mouth In A Few Mins

Lady On The Street, Freak In The Sheets

Added 2011-06-27 Bad Rating 49.4%

Just A Few Of My Canadian Hottie. She Wants To Try 2 Guys. Fucking A I'll Bring The Camera!!!

My Hairy Wife

Added 2011-06-26 Good Rating 50.3%

She Needs At Least 2 Cocks And A Cock And A Toy To Fill Her Gaping Hole. Sometimes When Drunk Me And My Mate Stick It In Her

Just My Ex Wife's Arse

Added 2011-06-26 Bad Rating 49.1%

Just Some Of Her Bending Over For Me - My Slut Ex With A Nice Round Arse On Her That She Loves To Have Licked

My Super Sexy Wife Sona

Added 2011-06-26 Bad Rating 49%

Here Is My Super Sexy Wife Sona . In My Experience, She Has The Best Pussy - Tight, Wet And Soft. She Knows How To Please Man. With Her Smooth Boobs And Round Ass, She Is A Solid Package.

32 Yr Old Ex Girlfriend Maria

Added 2011-06-25 Good Rating 52.6%

My 32 Yr Old Ex Girlfriend Maria - She Was A Stewardess And Worked All The Time. So Much She Must Have Joined The Mile High Club More Than Once In Her Lifetime

HR Benefits

Added 2011-06-25 Good Rating 52%

HR Benefits - The Wife Loves Showing It Off At Work Or Anywhere She Gets The Urge. Lots Of Bonuses For Me!!

Xenia - Cum Luvin Slut

Added 2011-06-25 Good Rating 51.6%

Xenia From Russia. This Is The Definition Of Street Prostitute. Actually Met Her On The Street So The Name Fits Perfect

Sexy Hot Wife

Added 2011-06-25 Good Rating 51.5%

Sexy Hot Wife - More Of Sexy Hot Beth Showing Off Her Sexy Body And The Ass That I Would Die For!!!

Debra C. From San Antonio

Added 2011-06-24 Good Rating 52%

Debra C. From San Antonio - Debra's Bis Ass Tits And Tight Package. I Was Shocked When She Told Me She Had 2 Kids!


Added 2011-06-24 Good Rating 51.3%

For Anyone Who Wants To Have A Look And Maybe A Quick Wank. My Last Boyfriend Obviously Didn't Like What You All See Or We'd Still Be Together Right...

My Filipino Flirt

Added 2011-06-24 Good Rating 50.7%

My Filipino Girlfriend Taking Self Pics And Posing For Me With Her Big Tits ... She Let Me Fuck Her Big Tits, They're So Suckable!

Hot Blonde MILF

Added 2011-06-24 Good Rating 50.1%

Hot Blonde MILF Beth - Here Is Me Sucking Cock Of My Husband. I Love The Way It Feel And Taste In My Mouth. He Really Enjoy Too

Hairy Spanish Pussy

Added 2011-06-24 Bad Rating 49.5%

Hairy Spanish Pussy - I Have No Idea What This Dude Said In His Submission As It Was All In Spanish But Let's Say She's Needs A Razor And Some Shaving Gel!!!

Mary's  Tits

Added 2011-06-24 Bad Rating 47.7%

Slutty Mary - She Just Loves To Share Her Tits. They Are Nice And Look Even Better When They're Covered In My Cum

Jaime Loves Cock

Added 2011-06-23 Good Rating 52.2%

Jaime Loves Ex-jaime Cheated On Me On Numerous Occasions... - Then Why Did U Wait This Long To Kick Her To The Curb...?

Friend With Benefits

Added 2011-06-23 Bad Rating 49.3%

Slutty Mature Friend With Benefits...a Great Fucking All The Time....loves To Take It In The Ass!!!

Slutty MILF

Added 2011-06-23 Bad Rating 48.3%

Slutty MILF - Loves Sucking Cock And Draining The Cum Out Of Your Cock And Balls Into Her Mouth


Added 2011-06-22 Good Rating 51.6%

MILF Slut - She Got So Into These Pics Like She'd Lose Her Green Card If She Didn't Give 110% Lol

My Sexy Wet Wife

Added 2011-06-22 Good Rating 51.5%

My Sexy Wet Wife - She Is So Hot She Gives Me An Instant Hard On, It So Great To Cream Pie That Wet Pussy Every Time I Nail Her.

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