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Carrie A

Added 2011-08-12 Good Rating 50.4%

Some Self Pics Of My Ex Slut Carrie. She Got Worse With Age. Too Bad Too... She Was Quite The Looker In Her Younger Days

Just Me Pt 2

Added 2011-08-11 Good Rating 51.8%

Love To Hear Your Comments Please Boys And Gentleman. It Makes Me Wet And Horny To Know Someone Might Be Hard For Me

Momma Dana

Added 2011-08-11 Good Rating 52.1%

Dana Is A Slut Mom From Downtown Detroit Who Would Suck Or Fuck Anything Or Anyone That Could Advance Her Career

Chinese Ex-girlfriend

Added 2011-08-11 Bad Rating 49.1%

My Chinese Ex-girlfriend - Extremely Horny, Loves To Be Fucked By Big Cock And Into Some Weird Fetishes I Had No Idea About

My Sexy Wife Part 2

Added 2011-08-11 Bad Rating 48.7%

My Sexy Wife Part 2 - My Wife Shows You Her Best Attributes...that Being Her Sweet Delicious Pretty Pink Snatch!

Missouri Mom

Added 2011-08-10 Good Rating 56%

Gotta Love Missouri MILF Sluts - Here Are A Few Pics Of This Slutty Missouri Mom Showing Me Why I Should Be With Her Instead Of Her Loser Hubby

Palm Springs MILF

Added 2011-08-10 Good Rating 54.5%

Swinging Palm Springs Cali MILF - Boy Was She Something Else. Definitely A Trophy Wife... But She Wasn't Mine And Still Reaped The Benefits

Dumb Preggo Slut

Added 2011-08-10 Good Rating 50.7% Heard Me Girlfriend Just Two Weeks Before I Caught Her Cheating One Me, While Carrying "my" Child

She Had To Blow Me Chained

Added 2011-08-10 Bad Rating 47.7%

Our First Game Was Equally Successful, I Had Tied Her Up And She Had To Blow And She Has Made It Great.

Big Ass Girl

Added 2011-08-09 Good Rating 53.3%

She Had A Huge Ass That I Used To Love To Smack My Balls Off Of. She Loved Having Me Fuck Her From Behind

Large Hairy Clitorus

Added 2011-08-09 Good Rating 52.2%

My Girlfriend Squirted All Over After These Pics....she Did However Have A Hairy Pussy And Large Clitoris

Drunk 1 Slut

Added 2011-08-09 Good Rating 51%

This Drunk Slut Loves Toys, Cocks, Anal, Creampies And Double Penetration. Always Willing To Try Something New As She Has Pretty Much Tried Everything There Is

Young Wife Naked Part 1

Added 2011-08-09 Good Rating 50.3%

Young Wife Naked Part 1 - Tight Pussied Wife Showing Off Why We Are Still Married And HAPPY


Added 2011-08-09 Bad Rating 49.6%

Algerian Ex Girlfriend Salika. She Was Almost Perfect Besides Her Smelly Hairy Pussy. Too Bad She Wouldn't Shave It Or She Would Still Be Around To This Day

Rousse Cochonne

Added 2011-08-09 Bad Rating 49.6%

Rousse Cochonne - French Housewife Nancy Sent In These Awesome Naked Home Photos. Hope You All Like What She Has To Offer

My Ex Wife Part 1

Added 2011-08-08 Good Rating 55.6%

Here Is My Ex Wife Dasha Earn Money As A Hooker- She Is Great In Her Job And Make Us A Lot Of Money - Ya But She's Sucking Other Guy's Dicks...!

My Slut Wife

Added 2011-08-08 Good Rating 54.4%

She Is A Cheap Whore ... - My Wife Carola Gets Fucked For Money... - Someone Actually Pays To Fuck That...?

My Sexy MILF

Added 2011-08-08 Good Rating 53.7%

My Sexy MILF - My Wife Takes It Every Way Possible And More. She's Hot, Ready And Willing Any Time Day Or Night...I'm One Lucky Man

My Old Wife Pics

Added 2011-08-08 Good Rating 50.1%

I Thought I'd Share With You All To Maybe Get One Off Too. Some Old Pics Of My Wife Lying Around

My Ex Amie

Added 2011-08-08 Good Rating 50.1%

My Ex Fiance Amy - Here Are A Few Pics We Had Taken Before We Split. I'm Glad I Came To My Wits Before I Made A Big Mistake

Hot Fucking Wife

Added 2011-08-08 Bad Rating 49.3%

Hot Fucking Wife - My Wife Loves Riding The Shit Out Of Me. She Does It Well And She Does It Often

Random Girls I've Banged

Added 2011-08-07 Good Rating 52.6%

Random Girls I've Banged - All Ex Girlfriends, I'm Married Now So I'll Let Others Enjoy These Ones

Mature Slut.

Added 2011-08-07 Good Rating 52.2%

Mature Slut - Here Are Some Decent Pics I Took Of This Horny Mature Slut I Have Been Banging Now For Awhile...she Loves Toys And Movies Lol

Sexy Young Wife Pussy Part 2

Added 2011-08-07 Good Rating 51.9%

Sexy Young Wife Pussy Part 2 - She May Be Younger Than Me, But She's Not As Tight As I'd Like Her To Be

Dirty Kirsty, UK - Nurse From 'Up North'.

Added 2011-08-07 Good Rating 50.6%

Before She Become Boring. She Thought Her Bloke Didn't Know About Her Flirting Online Behind His Back. He Was More Than Aware! Seeing As She Wanted To Share, Here We Go...

Michelle Part 2

Added 2011-08-07 Bad Rating 49.7%

Texas Whore Michelle Part 2 - She Was A Cheater, A Thief, A Drunk, And A Drug Addict And Prostitute

All Over Curviness

Added 2011-08-06 Good Rating 54%

All Over Curviness - A Girl You Should Wanna Fuck If You Haven't Already. Definitely Well Worth All The Hassle And Hurdles Along The Way

Petti's Pussy

Added 2011-08-06 Good Rating 52.5%

Here Is My Ex Wife Petti Spreading Her European Pussy Lips. She Loved To Rub Her Clit While Fucked Her For Extra Sensation On Her Twat

Hot Hot Hot Wife

Added 2011-08-06 Bad Rating 49.4%

My Hot Wife In A Swimsuit Bent Over And Showing Off Her Sweet Tasty Vagina. She Loves To Have Her Clam Mucked...!

Tina's Gaping Smoking Hole

Added 2011-08-06 Bad Rating 46.9%

Tina's Gaping Smoking Hole - This Woman Was Incredible And Had Some Of The Craziest Sexxx Fetishes I Have Ever Witnessed Too

3Sum Fun!!!!

Added 2011-08-05 Good Rating 52.4%

Just A Couple Of Freaky Bitches I Hook Up With Every So Often...they Make My Weekends All The More Worth While

Sexy Me

Added 2011-08-05 Good Rating 52.3%

Sexy Me - Nothing Turns Me On More Than Being Abused And Treated Like A Dirty Sex Slave. I Love Being Talked Down To And Told I'm A Dirty No Good Cock Sucking Whore!

Hot And Horny MILF

Added 2011-08-05 Good Rating 50.7%

This Hot Brunette MILF Loves To Show Off And Have People Gawk And Stare At Her....well Don't Worry'll Get All That And More Once I Send These To A Few Sites...!

My Buddies Ex Wife

Added 2011-08-05 Bad Rating 49.8%

This Is My Friend's Ex Wife. He Wanted To Hurt Her As Bad As She Hurt Him..this Otta Do It!

Hot Lingerie Slut

Added 2011-08-05 Bad Rating 49.6%

She Sent Out Some Of These Pictures To Other Guys While We Were Married. She LOVES Anal And Creampies Of All Kinds

Chubby Wife Staci

Added 2011-08-04 Good Rating 54%

Chubby BBW Housewife Staci - Here's My Chubby But Still Beautiful Wife Showing Off "my" Assets...I Mean...I Am The Sole Bread Winner So They Are Technically Mine!!!

Isa My Wife And Her Pussy

Added 2011-08-04 Good Rating 50.5%

Isa My Wife And Her Pussy - Here She Is Showing Off Her Beautiful Hairy Hole That She Let Me Abuse Whenever I Want To

She's So Hot...

Added 2011-08-04 Bad Rating 49.7%

She's So Hot ... And Still Friends To This Day...sometimes I Send Her These Pics Back To Remind Her Of The Good Old Days!!!!


Added 2011-08-04 Bad Rating 48.5%

Great Boobs On My Ex Wife Janelle - She Didn't Like To Show Them Off Much But I Did What Was Necessary To Get Her To Show Me Them For The Camera

EX Barátnő5

Added 2011-08-04 Bad Rating 49%

EX Barátnő5 - Here Is The First Of Many More To Come Of My Stalker... Actually I Guess I'm The Stalker Lol

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