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Hot Lesiloo

Added 2009-07-12 Good Rating 53.1%

Naked Lesiloo. I Call Her That Because She Won't Let Me Use Her Real Name. If You Spot Her, Don't Let Her Escape. She Is Awesome.


Added 2009-07-12 Good Rating 53.8%

Mindy Is A New York State Slut Who Loves To Have Bottles Shoved In Her Busted Pussy. What A Good Little Ho.

Sugar Baby

Added 2009-07-12 Good Rating 52.2%

I Have An Arrangement With This Young Teen. I Found Her On Craigslist Under "sugar Daddy Needed". I Pay Her A Salary And She Is Mine.

Hot Lesbians

Added 2009-07-11 Good Rating 54.2%

Hot Miami Lesbian Swingers Tear It Up At The Club And Then At Their Huge Ballin' Beach House. Thanks Girls.


Added 2009-07-11 Good Rating 53.5%

This Milf Is An Absolute Goddess. She Is The Queen Of The Gangbang At Her Swingers Club. Any Color Of Cock Will Do.

My Ex Who Loves Being Photographed

Added 2009-07-11 Good Rating 53.3%

Ex Girlfriend Who Loves Being Fucked. I Had Her For A Year And A Half And It Was Good Times, But All Good Things Come To An End.


Added 2009-07-11 Good Rating 53%

Robyn Loves To Fuck And Show Us All. She Is A School Nurse And Loves A Good Gangbang. Goes Both Ways With Her Friends Too.

Nice Milf

Added 2009-07-10 Good Rating 54.4%

This European Wife Will Do It All. She Could Use A Tit Job, But She Is Bi And Loves Getting Naked In Public. Pretty Nice.

Nice Little Whore....

Added 2009-07-10 Good Rating 52.3%

A Woman I Used To Fuck, She Loved Showing Off Her Gaping Pussy. One Where She Is Spreading Her Ass After Getting Fucked In It.

Serious Hot Wife

Added 2009-07-10 Good Rating 52.9%

MILF With An Unquenchable Desire For SEX Getting Fucked By Young Bucks While Their Friends Take Pics. Nice Job Guys.

My Sexy Wife

Added 2009-07-10 Good Rating 50.9%

She Loves To Show Off Her Naked Body. Sorry About The Face, But My Wife Is A Private Woman......she Still Loves Attention Though.

Ex Slut Girlfiend

Added 2009-07-09 Good Rating 52.5%

She Always Loved To Show Her Pussy In Public And Loved To Fuck Strangers! Very Hot Hairy Pussy.

Watch My Wife

Added 2009-07-09 Good Rating 52.6%

Check Out My Wife Doing The Only Thing That She Is Good For. Lying Around The House And Getting Fucked.

Slut Ex Girlfriend

Added 2009-07-09 Good Rating 52.5%

She Loved To Show Her Pussy Along With Sucking Any Strange Cocks She Could Find. Milf Pussy On The Stairs!

My Wife Naked

Added 2009-07-09 Good Rating 50.7%

Photos Of My Wife Naked. She Wanted Me To Post The Photos Because She Loves Thought Of Guys Looking At Her Naked Body And Playing.

Nice Milf

Added 2009-07-08 Good Rating 53.9%

Nice Brunette Milf Thinks That She Is A Model On The Beach And In The Bedroom. She Is Still Looking Good, I Will Give Her That.


Added 2009-07-08 Good Rating 53.8%

Pamela Doing What She Does Best! She Doesn't Do It For Money Anymore, But If You See Her You Might Get A Free One!

Ma Chienne De Maitresse

Added 2009-07-08 Good Rating 51.8%

This French Woman Loves Sperm. You Can See It Written All Over Her Face!

My Wife

Added 2009-07-08 Good Rating 51.4%

I Hope That I'm The Only One She Wants To Be Fucked By, But My Wife Wants You All To See Her Naked Body.

Luara Lee

Added 2009-07-07 Good Rating 53.5%

Laura Lee Is 45 And She Loves My Pierced Cock. I'm Only 24 And She Juggles My Balls In Her Mouth.

Dumb Slut

Added 2009-07-07 Good Rating 53.1%

Jessica Wager Poses For My Camera. I Just Had To Tell Her That I Think She Looks Hot.

Bitchy Ex

Added 2009-07-07 Good Rating 51.8%

This Is My Bitchy Ex Wife's Big Ass. We Split When I Discovered That She Had Been Cheating On Me With Two Different Guys.

Hot Mom

Added 2009-07-06 Good Rating 54.1%

At The Lake, I Fucked This Bird. She Was The Hottest Mom I Ever Put My Cock In. Hope You Love It As Much As I Did.

Topless Ammateur

Added 2009-07-06 Good Rating 53.1%

Some Spilt Photos Of Topless And Dressed Of This Ex Wife. She Is Foreign, Not Sure Where From But It's Hot.

My Naked Wife

Added 2009-07-06 Good Rating 52.1%

Wife Nude Around The House Enjoy My Wife's Naked Pussy. Some Old Ones And Some New Ones. Hope You Like.

Naked In The Forest

Added 2009-07-06 Good Rating 51.2%

This 43 Year Old Girl Loves To Get Naked Everywhere. This Is Some Fun In The Forest We Had.


Added 2009-07-05 Good Rating 54.3%

This Is Not Melissa's First Rodeo! She Has Been Around The Block And Done It All. Great Girl, Thanks Guys.


Added 2009-07-05 Good Rating 53.4%

Charlotte Is Always The Guest Of Honor At Her Swingers Group. She Loves To Be The Queen Of The Gangbang. Nice Work Charlotte.

Ex Girlfriend

Added 2009-07-05 Good Rating 52.6%

35 Year Old Mother Of 2, Getting Some Sun On Her 36 DD Titties. Let Her Know How Nice They Still Are!

Dont Tell The Wife

Added 2009-07-05 Good Rating 51.2%

This Is My Anal Mistress. It's Nice To Have A Girl On The Side Who Will Let You Fuck Her Every Which Way.

Hot Blonde

Added 2009-07-04 Good Rating 52.6%

Not Totally Sure What Was Wrong With This One, But Oleg Seemed To Find Something. I Would Have Married Her For Sure.

Vacation Blonde

Added 2009-07-04 Good Rating 52.6%

This Relationship Didn't Last Long, But The Pictures Will Last A Lifetime. She Was A Prude And Wouldn't Let Him Swing.

Hot Mom To Be!

Added 2009-07-04 Good Rating 51%

A Couple Pictures Of My Hot Pregnant Wife. I Love A Sexy Mom To Be. What Do You Guys Think?


Added 2009-07-04 Good Rating 51%

Beware, This Is A GILF. She Is Really Old And These Are Classic Pics If You Appreciate This Kind Of Thing. Diana

Sharing Wife

Added 2009-07-03 Good Rating 55.8%

My Wife Wanted 2 Cocks For Her Birthday So I Said Yes. Now She Won't Let Me Fuck Her By Myself Anymore!

Slut Clarrissa

Added 2009-07-03 Good Rating 54.5%

This Was Just Before We Got Married. Unfortunately She Turned Out To Be Cheating Throughout Our Relationship With A Guy Named Alex.

Pics Of Me

Added 2009-07-03 Good Rating 52.7%

I Love It When Men E-mail Me Pics Of Them Cumming On My Pics Lets See What You've Got!

My Fucking Wife

Added 2009-07-03 Good Rating 52%

She Has A Nice Pussy And Can Still Fuck Me Like Nobody Else Even At Her Age. A Ripe Old 50! Thanks For Commenting!

Hot Hooker

Added 2009-07-02 Good Rating 53.3%

This Brunette Hooker Was Scooped Off The Street In Colombia. She Is A Knockout, But When I Got Home I Had Gonorrhea.

She Was Hot At One Time...

Added 2009-07-02 Good Rating 53.4%

Some Photos I Took Of This Milf Who Used To Be Hot At One Time. She Was All Strung Out On Drugs When I Took These.

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